About Us

AMPS Tv is another entity under the AMPS Magazine Corporate name. This television broadcast is aired 24 hours a day and plays different shows all day. The purpose of this i-televison station is to create a place for small business and large businesses to have a location to advertise other than the typical television locations that charge outrageous prices.

The broadcast has interviews of local businesses and events and also do live promos all over the country. AMPS Tv makes AMPS Magazine a one stop shop for your advertising needs.

AMPS Tv is growing very fast because what we found in our surveys is that people would rather watch a show than read or listen on the radio. AMPS Tv broadcast began only three years ago and it is getting hits that you can not imagine. From our statistics they show that our watching audience is on the rise and that we get approximately over 10,000 viewers daily.